Work and having a family

Having children is a very rewarding job, seeing them grow up and fulfilling their dreams is something indescribable, but you also do not need to explain the expenses that this entails, from birth to your visits with the pediatrician,  dentist in tijuana mexico, etc.

This has led several young couples without many resources to expect to have children, however, some have them either because that was their wish to have had a small accident. Whatever the case, to get ahead both parents choose to work, of course, the mother after having passed the acceptable time to leave her child alone. This brings several challenges, then we show you some tips to cope with this situation.

Make use of daycare centers
Maybe you think that the nurseries they offer at work are bad, but many have been surprised at how good and clean they are, take advantage of them, at the end of it all you are actually paying. Similarly, the capacities of daycare centers have been expanded, it has been established that employers change full-time contracts for part-time contracts until the worker’s child turns three years old, and give subsidies to employers whose employees return to work. your post

Your family comes first
The true core of the family is the one created by the husband and the children that are born (or not) of that relationship. Nothing should prevent you from spending quality time with your children, things like doing homework together, going to school events, etc. Your work should have a limit, even social meetings with friends and family should cut a bit, in order to have time alone with your child, it is not about breaking completely with the political family, but you have to be clear the importance of the new family that has been created.

Do not lose your autonomy
Independence is very important for personal growth, remember once again having time alone, reading and continue learning, that is the only way to have a better position or a better job in which you can earn more money.