Why the Austin French Restaurant is the Talk of the City

Austin is popular for a number of things. From its vibrant music scene to its eclectic art galleries and museums, Austin is a gem of a city with an abundance of things to do. And if you are a foodie, the list of options just got a lot longer.

Finding a rare restaurant that offers exceptional food is especially attractive in Austin because there are simply so many that compete against one another that it’s easy to get lost in a sea of names and cuisine types.

French food is considered a rare find in any city considering how many Asian and Italian restaurants there are in any given town. So French food in Austin in of itself is very exciting. When seeking a special night out, consider an Austin French restaurant for your Saturday night, because French food is growing in popularity and everyone is talking about it. Here’s why.

French Food is Decadent

French food in Austin offers a luxurious experience for your taste buds, and this is one reasons why so many people are talking about this cuisine. For example, Beef Bourguignon is a decadent dish made with burgundy or red wine that melds with the meat’s juices, onion and seasoning. The best Austin French restaurant will prepare this or have a vegetarian version for vegan guests that’s made from mushrooms as opposed to meat.

High Quality Vegetarian Food

If you are vegetarian then you know that finding a high-quality meat-free dinner can be a challenge, as most vegetarian food is bland. But when you go to a luxurious Austin French restaurant, finding a lovely vegetarian dish is easy. This is why Austin French restaurants are the talk of the city amongst vegetarian crowds because now people can eat exciting food from the menu. The best Austin French restaurant will have ratatouille on the menus–a decadent vegetarian dish made from eggplant, tomato, fennel and squash. The next time you have a vegetarian friend in your party, go to an Austin French restaurant where vegetarians and meat eaters alike can enjoy exceptional food.

The Best Austin French Restaurant is Known for its Wine

Any winning Austin French restaurant will have an outstanding wine list that’s deep and robust in selection. There should bottles from every region in France. These should include wines that are budget friendly, as well as wine that is for finer tastes. While rare bottles can be enjoyed any time without the need for a reason, they are often enjoyed for special occasions. But regardless, Austin French restaurants are popular because they have the best wine selections in the city.

Pastries and Coffee

Why drink Starbucks coffee with a burned after taste and eat their bland pastries when you can have fresh-baked French pastries and a rich, silky latte or fine espresso at a French restaurant? People are talking about Austin French restaurants because they are the new go-to spots for good coffee and pastries. Discover for yourself!