What are Alpaca Sweaters?

You have probably heard the names alpaca sweaters and cashmere tossed around in random conversations regarding high-end, luxurious apparel. But what exactly are alpaca sweaters?

Alpaca sweaters are made from alpaca fiber harvested from the animal that shares the same name. The fibers are soft, can be heavy or light in weight based on how it is spun, and is known for being very durable and silky. Alpaca sweaters are nothing like sheep’s wool clothing, which is prickly and contains lanolin. Because alpaca sweaters contain no lanolin they are hypoallergenic making them ideal for people with allergies.

What Kind of Animals do Alpaca Sweaters Come From?

Alpaca sweaters come from two main alpaca species: the Huacaya and Suri. Huacaya grows spongy, soft fiber with a natural crimp that gives it natural elasticity like yarn ideal for knitting. It is also ideal for heavier garments. Suri has no crimp to its fibers thus making it ideal for lighter, woven alpaca sweaters.

The best retailers that sell alpaca sweaters harvest the fiber from Peru and Bolivia. Both these countries are known for ethically farming alpaca according to tradition, and the quality is next to none. The best alpaca sweaters are sourced from these countries for these reasons, so when shopping for alpaca sweaters make sure you buy from a brand that does business directly with family farms in Peru and Bolivia.

Alpaca Sweaters and Fiber are Used by Big Fashion Brands

From the runways of Gucci to Dior, alpaca sweaters have made an appearance on the runways of Paris and New York. In fact recently Armani used fiber from a Suri alpaca to design men’s and women’s suits. Hugo Boss has used the fibers to make alpaca gloves, hats and scarves. However, you don’t need to invest in high-end fashion to own luxurious alpaca sweaters. Ultimately, you are just saying for the brand label. Any reputable seller of alpaca sweaters from Peru or Bolivia will offer high-quality, affordable sweaters priced well below cashmere without sacrificing on the luxurious look and feel.

Alpaca Sweaters Fit Any Style

Alpaca sweaters are known to offer a huge variety of choices. From the but to the color, and from thickness to design, no matter what your style may be there is an alpaca sweater ideal for your look. The most popular alpaca sweaters for men come in the pullover, zip-up and cardigan styles. There are also Norwegian alpaca sweaters for the Nordic look, and these come in a number of patterns.

When it comes to alpaca sweaters for women, alpaca jackets, ruanas, and thigh-height alpaca sweaters are popular. For both genders alpaca sweaters come in their natural colors, as well as custom colors made from all-natural dyes that are friendly for the environment. From a herringbone design to a deep royal blue, there are many colors and styles of alpaca sweaters that will satisfy anyone you know.

Buying Alpaca Sweaters

In addition to the points already mentioned about alpaca sweater sellers, make sure the company supports environmentally ethical principles in the way they conduct business. You should also check their website to ensure they truly source their alpaca sweaters from Peru or Bolivia, and just get a good sense for their brand and the message they are sharing with the world.