The Best Italian Food Austin Has to Offer

Searching for a phenomenal Italian restaurant in Austin poses a number of challenges, as the city is full of top quality eating spots for all budgets and occasions. But if you are searching for the best Italian food Austin restaurants have to offer for upscale dining or romantic nights out, there are a number of checkpoints that need to be met. Whether you are a tourist or on business staying Downtown, or you are a local resident of East Auston looking for an amazing Italian restaurant anywhere in the city, this article will help you navigate through the many options while showing you how to identify the callsigns of a true, authentic Italian restaurant.

Authentic Italian Food Austin Offers Starts with Homemade Pasta

Fresh Italian food begins with housemade pasta. Though there are some decent dried pre-made pasta from Italy shipped to multiple italian restaurants in Austin, homemade pasta offers a texture, freshness, flavor, and it binds better with the sauce.

Any average Italian restaurant will have spaghetti and fettuccine alfredo. But when looking for the best Italian restaurants in Austin, pasta offerings must push well beyond the bar. For example, squid ink tagliolini, a silky ravioli with fresh ricotta, and pappardelle with a rich ragu spell out fine Italian dining while differentiating itself from common faire. Finally, gluten-free pasta should always be available for those with special dietary needs.

High-Quality Pizza Places in Austin

The best Italian restaurants are the same spots known for being the best pizza places in Austin. So what defines the best pizza? First, authentic Italian restaurants make pizza in stone ovens. This allows for a perfect bake, texture and taste. The sauce is equally important and it all comes down to the tomatoes. Look for pizza places in Austin that use San Marzano tomatoes to make the sauce. There should also be a solid variation for taste palettes. Anchovies is ideal for a salty, briny taste that melds well with the acid in tomatoes, while prosciutto gives a sweet and smokey taste best accompanied by arugula for a wild, freshness.


When it comes to places that provide for the best Italian food Austin is known for, ambiance is crucial. There are many things that add to creating an amazing ambiance for upscale Italian restaurants. First, the wine list must have depth and be truly amazing. The decor, table setting and fixtures should be high-quality, and the lighting should border the line of offering just enough visibility to read the menu and see your food, while providing for a soft light that offers a romantic setting. The best patios in Austin add to a soothing, luxurious ambiance where patrons can sip their wine in outdoor dining options and watch the crowds pass.

Best Italian Restaurants in Austin

The best Italian restaurants in Austin embody the above points. Be sure to do a Google search for “Italian food Austin” and visit the restaurants that seem to meet these standards. In no time you will find your new special spot for the most amazing pasta austin dishes and pizza in the city.