Poisoning by slime

All the parents take care of their children from do not consume many sweets because it can hurt their teeth and then they need to take them with the dentist that although Samaritan Dental have accessible prices they prefer to prevent, but what about the toxic things at the hand of their children? According to the warnings made by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) is growing the number of young children who are poisoned due to slime.

The slime is this modeling paste or plasticine to play is the new sensation among the little ones. Now the fashion of this “gelatinous mucus” has returned among the smallest of the house, but with a slight difference.

Although in most stores can be found for very low prices, the fashion among young people is that you do it yourself and through a large number of videos on YouTube that explain how to make slime, many parents have decided to make their own toy.

The ease of processing involved in creating this viscous mass is effortless and fast. And such is the demand for this new fashion toy and the extra appeal of making it homemade, which there are already many videos that explain the process that can be found, some of them monopolizing thousands of visits.

But despite the ease involved in its preparation, preparing homemade slime can include an aqueous solution of water and boric acid or borax. This chemical, used as a bleach in many cleaning products and drugs, is toxic if swallowed.

The reason for these poisonings is due, as explained by the OCU itself, to that during the process, the borax must be mixed with water, to proceed to generate the paste that will later be colored, and on numerous occasions the smallest are confusing this mixture with water, as it is equally transparent resulting intoxicated.

Although many tutorials are circulating in the network that do not have boric acid for slime production, the videos that do include it do not offer in many cases previous warnings about the nature of boric acid or its possible consequences when handling it.

Among the consequences of ingesting borax, milder conditions such as gastrointestinal symptoms, even chemical burns and skin lesions may occur in certain occasions when handling the slime.

In case of severe toxicity, they may require urgent gastric lavage and even dialysis. A high intake can lead, according to specialists, more severe health problems such as kidney failure, heart arrhythmias, coma, and seizures.