Overprotective Parents?

Because anxiety is based on irrational fears, without foundation. In worries about the future and your well-being, in images that come to your mind with the worst possible scenario, right?
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Then, grow up with someone telling you all the possible risks, distrusting that the world is a safe place, looking for ways to avoid danger … and you, buying those fears and beliefs because of course, it generates anxiety.
And again, the important thing here is that you chose to believe your beliefs and buy your fears, and that is where the solution lies.
Before seeing how to deal with them … you need to work some points inside:
1. Abandon your desire to change them
If your parents are like that, that’s how they are, that’s how you chose them and you chose them for that reason. The solution will never be to change other people, much less our parents, because we are going against nature, and from the psychogenealogy, by doing this, nothing else generates more anxiety.
2. Realize that they love you
If they have wanted to protect you, it is because of the great love they have for you, and they did not realize that with that they were generating anxiety. So, realize that we all do the best we can, with the information we have, and that they did their best work, in their own way, and that if they overprotected you, it just means that they overcame you.
3. Define what you believe about yourself and the world
Write down all the beliefs you can see in them about yourself, about the world and about the dangers of life. And then, decide which ones you want to continue believing in and which ones you do not. It may be that in some things they are right, do not think they are wrong at all. The important thing is that you reach your own conclusions, your own beliefs.
4. Evaluate the real risk of what they say
Now it is about abandoning the child who wants to do what he wants, who throws a tantrum and who persists in his point even though he knows he is wrong, and assess the real risk of what they tell you. Sometimes the risks do exist, but the important thing is that you reach your own conclusion of that for yourself.