Help Your Baby With the Exit of Your First Tooth

If you’re a new mom and you’re terrified that your little one cries, get ready because when a baby gets his first tooth he cries and cries seriously. As you are a father aware of the dental health of your children you always want to take them with the best, with Mexico dental.

Examine the baby’s teeth
It is good to have the habit of regularly examining the baby’s teeth. Keep in mind that healthy teeth have a uniform white color. If you see spots or spots on the teeth, it is convenient that you advance the visit to the dentist.

And it is very painful for them. The first tooth comes to seem between 4 and 7 months, because when your child turns 3, you must have 20, including teeth.

1 .- Generally tend to salivate excess, so you can get pimples on the part of the beard.
2.-They have great sensitivity and inflammation of the gums.
3.- Try to bite everything around to relieve the itching or pain of the gums.
4.- The pains can make the little one not want to eat.
5.- You may have trouble sleeping because of the pain.
6.- The majority of children experience fever, so we recommend you understand cold.
7.-You may have diarrhea, which is acidic, so that it can rub very easily the pompitas baby.

I know that reading all this can make you more tense than you can be, but do not worry you can follow these simple tips to make your child feel better.

1 .- Give something that can bite, preferably a cold teething, this will help your gums fall asleep and feel less pain or give cookies to bite.
2.- In case you do not want to eat you can offer apple puree or cold yogurt.
3.- With completely clean hands give him a massage in his gums, this will help him a lot, but be careful because … he can bite you hard!
4.-And the most important tip, take it with the pediatrician, he can advise you a good medicine to help you not suffer so much.