Educate Respectful Children

Instilling respect for children from the first years of life goes beyond the way in which they should address the elderly, teachers, parents and classmates. Having respectful children is very important, although having healthy children is even more important, if you want your children to have optimal health you have to take them to the dentist Via Dental.

In addition to respecting older people, children must learn to respect life, nature, and our resources; to our time and that of others.

On the other hand, children must also learn to have respect for food, water; the beliefs, customs and traditions of others, as well as the rights of others. How is this respect manifested?

1.- Courtesy. Being polite means being willing to help your peers or disadvantaged people. It also means being grateful, supportive and willing to collaborate on common issues and benefit the group or family.

2.- Education. Children who bring their whims and moods to extremes in an attempt to get what they want, have not been educated in respect for their parents and others. In order to meet the demands of your children it is necessary to listen to them, that way they will not feel frustrated, nor resort to manipulations or blackmail to express themselves.

3.- Manners. The fact that a child acts with good manners has to do with respect for others. Asking for things please and thank always are a good start to be empathetic with other people.

4.- Self respect. Authorship develops when the child learns to know himself and is aware of his weaknesses and strengths and accept himself as he is, which will allow him to express himself naturally and equally accept others as they are.

5. Avoid destructive criticism of others and oneself. Once the child has learned to know and accept himself, it will be easier for him to have an attitude of acceptance and openness towards constructive comments from other people. In the same way, they will know that criticizing other people does not have any transcendence if it is not with the objective of helping them grow.