Daily discrimination for single-parent families

If raising a child can be really heavy, in addition to the responsibilities of the school that must be paid, things like dental braces also arise, although now at Dental 6ta & E you can find the best orthodontist at the best price, even though when you are a mother single in school activities you have to pay the same as if you were a family of two parents. And when I raise these problems some people think that since I have decided to have my daughter alone, I have to put up with it.

To many women who are single mothers, in the school’s activities such as the gym only offer them a rate designed for a traditional family: it is more expensive than paying one for an adult plus a child.

At the moment, the only legislation that provides support for single-parent families is of an independent nature. The associations insist on claiming a state law that regulates the situation of single-parent families.

Monumental families ask for a law to stop being invisible.
They are raising their children alone and therefore suffer social and economic discrimination concerning other families. The single parents reach the figure of almost two million. And of these 1.6 million, more than 80%, are headed by women, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics. Many women mention that the fact of raising their daughter alone by their own decision has led them to find some incomprehension on the part of other people. There are many minutes of silence when the child is spoken to by her parents until people dare to ask. So, it is very recurrent to be asked about his father, something that I do not know if it happens the other way around when the head of the single-parent family is a man.

The principal discriminations have suffered, in any case, in their relationship with the administration and when schooling their daughter. It does not seem reasonable for me to equate single-parent families with the rest of families when it comes to accessing benefits or when enrolling our children in schools or even in out-of-school ones. It is not a matter solely of money. It is also effort and time, and they explain when referring to the care of children by one person. You realize that they try differently. Being one, you have to pay the same as if you were a family with two parents. And when I pose these problems to some people nearby, it is true that they think that since I have decided to have my daughter alone, I have to put up with it, she laments.

An everyday activity can be more difficult for a single-parent family.
For example, at school, all they organize is at the family level, of father and mother. Teachers are not prepared for this type of models. Likewise, he regrets that the textbooks do not contemplate his single-parent family model or other forms, all are the father, mother, and child. That is why he considers that the school has to do an outstanding job when choosing teaching materials thinking about other realities.